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Mar 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
disappointment for mitt romney who still has a strong delegate lead but can't close the deal with conservatives like this one. >> were he to be the front-runner, i'm not sure where i would be. >> in pennsylvania, newt gingrich was capitalizing on that doubt. he advised voters what romney said in recent days, that campaigns are reset. >> i thought they were children's toys, not presidential design systems. >> gingrich has vowed to fight on, but the road to tampa is now up hill all the way. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> mitt romney and newt gingrich are sending get-well wishes to dick cheney. he is recovering from transplant surgery. he and his family said they will be forever grateful for the life-saving gift. he has had five heart attacks over the past 25 years. >> early voting kickoff. for now until thursday, registered voters can vote in any one of the early voting location as cross the state. in baltimore county there was a steady flow of people coming in all day. in the city almost 900 people showed up. >> we have to vote. >> even with the weather they are coming out. >> early voting ope
Mar 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
in an accidental shooting. >> police need your help to help you find a man. >> and romney and santorum walk away victorious. "11 news sunday morning" starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. we'll get to our top stories in just a minute. first we'll check outside with meteorologist ava marie. it is so nice and clear this morning. >> i think spring has arrived early. we're getting mild temperatures. it was chilly yesterday. we bounce back as we go through part two of your weekend. currently 32 degrees. beautiful clear skies right now. that will lead into sunshine. mostly sunny skies. just a few clouds in the west. by lunchtime, 60 trees for a high temperature. we have a lot of big events happening today, including a st. patrick's day parathe raid. we will talk about the forecast when we come back. >> our big story this morning, a grieving family says good-bye to a 13-year-old girl in what police called an accidental shooting. >> monae turnage is laid to r
Mar 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
. polls show a close race in both states, particularly in alabama. in caucusses saturday, mitt romney captured most delegates in wyoming and santorum won in kansas. brian mooar has more in our 2012 report. >> with a strong showing in the kansas caucusses, g.o.p. hopeful rick santorum notched another victory. he's making the case that he is the conservative choice. >> we have to have candidates, a candidate, a nominee who can go out there and draw a clear contract. -- draw a clear contrast with the president of the united states. >> the saturday caucusses in kansas and wyoming were another chance to play delegate catch-up. but the contest this next week in alabama and mississippi are about survival. gingrich has to win one or both to keep moving forward. >> it is a big deal. we win alabama and mississippi next tuesday, by next wednesday, this totally wild rollercoaster race will be reset one more time, and we will be on the way. [cheers and applause] >> morning! >> for mitt romney, a strong showing in the south is critical to show conservatives he can win. >> this president has not suc
Mar 4, 2012 5:00am EST
in a court of law. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney has another win under his belt in this morning's commitment 2012 report. he ordered double digit victory. it is romney's fourth win in a row. rick santorum is in second and newt gingrich is in fourth. >> this is a main thon, not a sprint. we'll keep doing well. we feel like this race is narrowing like it should be. >> there are 419 delegates up for grabs. more than a third of the total number needed to cinch the nomination. >> one of the national women's organizations is honoring barbara mikulski. lenn 11 news reporter nadia ram december -- ramdes was there. >> it held its annual festival for the first time in baltimore. it kicked off celebrating the leadership and talent of women from all over the world. >> we have panels on women in politics, women in law, women in health, women in sports, women in technology. >> so that was the first time ti remember. >> the first woman to hold this position with a major american author responsible for bringing the festival to charm city. >> you can learn so much just from meeti
Mar 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
breakout. while mitt romney's casts a look of a big studio blockbuster. it was noted in missouri with signs of romney everywhere. >> money is not going to buy this election. vision, character, and authenticity are going to win this election. >> from his famous sweater vest to a st. patrick's day pint, santorum continues to court blue voters. he told voters in illinois he would win the nomination if they give him a win in tuesday's primary. for his part, mitt romney sought to soak his swing and a-- leave the losses in the deep south. romney invoked a familiar campaign theme, u.s. statehood, which puerto ricans will again consider this fall. >> it was ronald reagan that famously said it was important for the people of puerto rico to have a choice to become a state. and if the people of puerto rico choose that path, i will be happy to help lead that effort in washington. >> but before leaving this afternoon, he submitted to a birthday exchange with his wife. >> those are macaroons. >> hoping voters there will deliver another tomorrow. >> that was ron mott reporting. a programming note. e
Mar 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
the louisiana victory is unlikely to change the overall dynamic of the race. he still lacks romney in the hunt for delegates. newt gingrich is a far behind, coming in at third. mitt romney and rick santorum -- dick cheney is in a hospital this morning after recovering from a transplant. he was on the trans palace for more than 20 months. his family will be forever grateful for the gift. he suffered his first part urging his first heart attack when he was 37 years old. he has had five heart attacks. >> a time for our sunday morning q&a. in joining -- joining us. >> good morning. the status of the business in howard county. first you are considered out what is happening with the governor's proposal. what is your concern? >> it is a huge burden on local government. shifting the burden of the future pensions, giving the county significant amount because. libraries, parks, we're still aaa bond rating. this additional burden makes it tough for us. we try our best to get through it. we need to modify the proposals and make them better. >> who is on board with you? >> every county executive i
Mar 4, 2012 9:00am EST
morning's "commitment 2012 report" mitt romney has made it four in a row with an easy win. he scored a double digit victory in washington state caucusses. it is his 14th straight triumph in a row. it comes ahead of tuesday's super tuesday primary. rick santorum and ron paul battled for second place while newt gingrich ran a distant fourth. >> we need a president that knows the economy to fix the economy. >> this is a marathon, not a sprint. we're going to do well. we feel like this race is narrowing like it should. >> there are 419 delegates up for grabs. more than a third of the total number needed to clinch the nomination. >> one of the largest international women's organizations is honing its annual festival in baltimore. yesterday the group honored barbara mikulski. 11 news was there. >> it was the first of sorts this weekend as the women of the world, or w.o.w. held its annual festival for the first time in baltimore. it kicked off at the home of the baltimore system phony orchestra. it celebrates leadership and talent of women from all over the world. >> we have panels from women
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7